Fitness Motivation – Don’t Just Dream About Success

What does success actually mean to you?

Whats the bet the minute you read the word “success” you immediately thought money, fancy cars and houses, right?….While that may be true, being successful can include all those things and more.

If  you want to be successful in your life, then the first thing you should do is think about what it means to you, never mind what it means to anyone else. You are the important one here.

Once you have your own personal definition of the word “Success”, then you can set your goals accordingly. If you want to succeed on a level which makes you truly satisfied, then i suggest you sit down quietly and write down your own definition of success.

Lets say you want to lose weight, then success to you should be weight loss, not fancy cars etc.

Write down on a sticky pad what success means to you and stick it on the fridge. Also write down on a separate sticky pad what your goal is for this week, and stick that too on the fridge. If you are at work then stick them on your computer monitor like i have just done now:)

Don’t be a dreamer….Be a go getter!

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Fitness Motivation_Achieve-your-dreams

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