Fitness Motivation – I WILL Do It.

This past weekend my wife and i were invited to her sister for dinner. After dinner we all headed to the couch to carry on talking and watch a bit of TV. All of a sudden my wife’s sister started shouting “Look look, I want to look like that, like that!!!… that’s the body i want, i wish i could look like that!!”.

The model she was talking about on TV was Bar Refaeli an Israeli model whom in my opinion has an incredible body.

Fitness Motivation - how to looks like bar refaeli

Bar Refaeli – Image from

How many times have you said to yourself “I WISH”?…

Well next time you find yourself thinking or saying “I WISH”, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this thing i wish for something i really want?
  2. Is this thing i wish for possible to achieve?

If your answer is NO, then forget about wishing for it and move on.

If your answer is YES then that means that you have a strong desire to achieve it. To achieve what you are wishing for takes action. You cant expect to wish for something and BOOM it arrives on your doorstep. You need to work for it. You need to commit to it and never give up.

Stop Saying i Wish and Start Saying i Will


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Fitness Motivation - Stop saying i wish

Stop Saying I Wish




2 comments on “Fitness Motivation – I WILL Do It.

  1. … i would even add to this comment and get people to say “I am” – wishing for things in the ‘future’ can mean thats where they stay.. saying things in the present I believe is a better affirmation – all great motivation though! :))

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