Density Bodyweight Workout

Density training is without a doubt the most challenging method of training you will ever try. I always perform some sort of Density workout on Mondays after a weekend of lots of food and yesterday was no different. I decided to workout with one of my clients who had a binge of a weekend. He felt really bloated after his binge and therefore i suggested a Density Bodyweight workout.

Gary has been a client of mine for almost 3 years and he is always keen to try new methods. In fact i sometimes use him as my Ginny pig. I have put Gary through many Density workouts, but yesterday i decided to change it a bit and we are both paying for it today.

The workout as you can see below seems simple, but, give it a try and let me know how YOU feel after and a day later.

NOTE: This is not a beginner workout!


Density Bodyweight Workout

Density Bodyweight Workout





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