Fitness Motivation – Pull Yourself Up

You want to lose weight. You know you should or need to, but you just can’t get started. I think most of us have been in this situation.

Have you ever found yourself doing all sorts of random activities just to pass the time so that you don’t have to start doing what you really need to do?

Sound familiar?

Well the truth is the longer you wait the harder it will be. You will never lose weight or get into shape by doing nothing. One of my favorite slogans of all time is Nike’s slogan, Just Do It. It’s simple yet effective.

A few years ago a friend of a friend asked me if I had ever heard of the quote “you cant climb a ladder with your hands in your pocket”. I had never heard of that one before but found it brilliant. And guess what, I even went to try it.

Yip, I set up a ladder and tried to climb it with my hands in my pocket. I got to the first step but when I tried to climb to the next step I fell back down.I have now even made some of my clients try it.

The moral if the story is you cant get anywhere in life if you just sit around. You need to make an effort, pull yourself up and Just Do It.


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Pull Yourself Up


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