half the time, double the benefits; The 3-2-1 workout

Nicole Meadows

Indiana University has great hills for running, and I’ve definitely been taking advantage of them this year. However, I’ve started to realize that the long runs I’ve been going on haven’t been doing too much for my body. I’ve adapted to the vigorous activity and my heart rate has not been very high because it’s so used to the workout and it’s not much of a difficulty.So I decided to start getting use of the personal gym we have in our dorm. Yes, I’m a bit spoiled here, but I chose to be part of the fitness and wellness dorms to have the opportunity to have a gym in the area I live in. It’s not that big, but it has everything I need!
Anyways, I’ve been incorporating HIIT workouts that take half the time. This workout is based off of the 3-2-1 workout that takes about 40-50 minutes…

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