Happy Valentines GYM


Happy Valentines

Spell Stressed Backwards

Stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS:)


Stressed Spelled Backwards

Fitness Motivation – Control Your Knife and Fork

Its hard to lose weight when you have an overactive knife and fork…


Control Your Knife and Fork

What is the Meaning of Diet

The Meaning of DIET actually means:



The Meaning of Diet

Are Those Before and After Fitness Images Real?


We’ve all seen those adverts claiming to burn fat fast by following a special training program and purchasing their so called “magical” products.

Well an American blogger who calls himself Furious Pete has produced a video in which he shows you exactly how it’s done.

What are your thoughts on this subject?



Whats Easier, Eating or Exercise?


voxifit – Laugh Out Loud!

The weekend is around the corner YAY!!!….If you are having a bad day today then i am sure these images will cheer you up.


voxifit_how to do pull ups at home

voxifit_this is how you train

voxifit_what happens when your drunk

voxifit_now this is how it is done

Laughing Is Healthy

Have a laugh today:)

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How To Take Your iPad To Gym

This guy loves his iPad way to much:)

Take your ipad to gym