Just For Today Motivation Tip

Let’s make today a “No Negative Thoughts Day”.

Here is a little trick you can do to help you fight those negative thoughts:
  1. Get an elastic band and put it around your wrist. (Make sure it’s a strong one)
  2. Every time a negative thought pops into your head snap the band against your wrist. (You should feel it sting, that is the whole point)…:):)
  3. Every time you feel like breaking your diet, SNAP THE BAND.

You will notice that every time you snap the band and feel the sting, your negative thoughts disappear.

Give it a try and let me know.
Have a power day:)
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Voxifit Guy 🙂
Fitness Motivation - No Negative Thoughts Allowed

Start Your Workout Plan Today – No Excuses

Make everyday a “No Excuse” day. If you really want that fit body then go out and get it. Its all up to you:). YOU CAN DO IT!:)

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