Fitness Motivation – Live A Positive Life

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.


Live A Positive Life

Fitness Motivation – Never Say You Will, If You Won’t

I am sure you hear this a lot from people. “I will”, but then they never do, right?..Sometimes we say things like “yes i know, i should start to workout”, or, “yes i will start tomorrow”, or, “i will get to it”..etc..etc..etc..and sometimes we say these things just shut the other person up. It’s like, okay stop nagging me now!… I know i have done that:)

Don’t Say You Will If You Won’t….at least try to “DO”…


Don’t Say You Will, If You Wont

Fitness Motivation – Keep At It

Remember, you didn’t gain weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight. It takes time, so keep at it.


Keep At It

Fitness Motivation – Progress IS Progress

Some people will quit due to slow progress, but they¬†don’t¬†seem to realize that progress is in fact PROGRESS.


Progress IS Progress

Fitness Motivation – It’s Never Too Late To Start From Scratch

Never too old, Never too bad, Never too late, Never too sick, to start from scratch once again.


Never too late


Happy Valentines GYM


Happy Valentines

Fitness Motivation – Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Don’t be afraid of change, because it is leading you to a new¬†beginning…

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Fitness Motivation – Discipline Or Regret

Rather suffer the pain of discipline than suffer the pain of regret…


Discipline or Regret

Fitness Motivation – Take Charge

Take charge of your own¬†destiny and make it happen…


Take Charge, Make It Happen