voxifit HIIT Bodyweight Workout 004

In today’s voxifit HIIT workout, i introduce you to the Hindu Squat and Swing Lunges. When done properly they can really raise your heart rate and give you a mean burn in your legs.  Today’s workout of course is a FULL body bodyweight workout, but remember you need to hit these workouts hard! Give it all you’ve got. PUSH IT!!:).

As always i suggest you use a interval timer. Check out the gymboss or you can download interval timers for your smart phone. Check out the download links below:

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Fitness Motivation – Only The Weak Give Up

Only the weak use “I Can’t” as an excuse to give up.


Only The Weak Give Up

Fitness Motivation – Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Goal

Obstacles are things we see when we take our eyes off the goal.


Keep Your Eyes On The Goal


voxifit HIIT Bodyweight Workout 003

Today voxifit HIIT workout consists of 7 bodyweight exercises. This of course is a FULL body bodyweight workout and will get your heart racing as well as get your metabolism flying after. Remember you need to hit these workouts hard. You need to give it all you’ve got, otherwise you wasting your time. PUSH IT!!:).

As always i suggest you use a interval timer. To be honest i am lost without my gymboss. It was the best buy ever!!.. You can also download interval timers for your smart phone. Check out the download links below:

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Fitness Motivation – Live A Positive Life

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.


Live A Positive Life


voxifit HIIT Kettlebell Cardio Workout 002

Even though i am a huge bodyweight training fan, i do now and again spice things up with a some Kettlebell training. I have been doing Kettlebell training for over 6 months now, and i must say i thoroughly enjoy it. I have also started incorporating Kettlebell training with some of my clients.

I did the following Kettlebell cardio workout yesterday, and it was a killer, so you have been warned. This is not a beginners workout!

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Fitness Motivation – Never Say You Will, If You Won’t

I am sure you hear this a lot from people. “I will”, but then they never do, right?..Sometimes we say things like “yes i know, i should start to workout”, or, “yes i will start tomorrow”, or, “i will get to it”..etc..etc..etc..and sometimes we say these things just shut the other person up. It’s like, okay stop nagging me now!… I know i have done that:)

Don’t Say You Will If You Won’t….at least try to “DO”…


Don’t Say You Will, If You Wont


Top 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Woman

Brad Gouthro from Bradgouthrofitness.com got really inspired by the military dude that recently posted on youtube the 44 best bodyweight exercises ever. The vid has to date received over 2 million views. If you have not seen that vid, then check it out here. The guy is one power house!

So now Brad Gouthro decided to put together the 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises for woman. Its a AWESOME bunch of bodyweight exercises, and they are not just for woman.

Here they are, then see the vid below:

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Fitness Motivation – Keep At It

Remember, you didn’t gain weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight. It takes time, so keep at it.


Keep At It