Fitness Motivation – Get Up

You wont get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have…

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Fitness-Motivation-Get -off-your-butt-to-get-that-butt

Get Up to Get That Butt


Fitness Motivation – Pull Yourself Up

You want to lose weight. You know you should or need to, but you just can’t get started. I think most of us have been in this situation.

Have you ever found yourself doing all sorts of random activities just to pass the time so that you don’t have to start doing what you really need to do?

Sound familiar?

Well the truth is the longer you wait the harder it will be. You will never lose weight or get into shape by doing nothing. One of my favorite slogans of all time is Nike’s slogan, Just Do It. It’s simple yet effective.

A few years ago a friend of a friend asked me if I had ever heard of the quote “you cant climb a ladder with your hands in your pocket”. I had never heard of that one before but found it brilliant. And guess what, I even went to try it.

Yip, I set up a ladder and tried to climb it with my hands in my pocket. I got to the first step but when I tried to climb to the next step I fell back down.I have now even made some of my clients try it.

The moral if the story is you cant get anywhere in life if you just sit around. You need to make an effort, pull yourself up and Just Do It.


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Pull Yourself Up


Fitness Motivation – Lost Time Is Never Found

When you waste your time doing things that dont matter, the time you could use to do the things that do matter just pass you by.

Lost Time Is Never Found.

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Fitness Motivation Lost Time is Never Found

Lost Time Is Never Found


Fitness Motivation – Face Your Fears

Wake up stronger than yesterday, face your fears and wipe your tears.

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Fitness Motivation-Wake Up Stronger than yesterday

Face Your Fears

Fitness Motivation – Feel It, Believe It

Feel it, Believe it, Dream it, BE IT…

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Fitness Motivation - Feel it

Feel It, Believe It

Fitness Motivation – Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams No Matter What

The world is full of negative people. They are like black holes that suck the life out of you. They drain you, bring you down, exhaust you and never give you any words of encouragement.

What can i do about this, you ask. Well, start to be aware of who those negative people in your life are. Have you ever been in the company of someone who makes you feel unsafe, tense or on guard? Maybe your heart starts racing and you get on edge and all you want to do is run from this person. Maybe your energy starts to fizzle and you start to feel ill.

Once you start to recognize some of the above symptoms then you can start work on protecting yourself from them.

Negative people not only give off bad vibes but they also try and talk others from fulfilling there dreams. These people have failed at something and therefore they want you to fail. They feel good every time they see someone fail at something they failed at.

Don’t let anyone make you give up on your dreams. Keep your head up and carry on moving forward. YOU CAN DO IT!

Find out how to deal with negative people.

Fitness Motivation, Dont Give Up

Fitness Motivation – Make A Change To See A Change

Everyday people are procrastinating about when is the best time to start a healthy eating and fitness plan. Now that December has arrived, with Xmas and new years around the corner, a healthy eating and fitness plan takes a back seat. We all know that this time of year can be very challenging in many aspects, not just fitness.

Remember…. You have the greatest power of any living thing on this planet, the power of choice, the power to choose how to behave, what to say and when to say it, the power to control your attitude and the power to make a difference within yourself and surroundings.

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Fitness motivation Dont expect to see a change

Fitness Motivation Tip – Things Seem Impossible Until Done

I have always been a big fan of Nelson Mandela. Before i left South Africa in 2007 i had the pleasure of meeting him at a Diana Ross concert. Mr Mandela is such a wise man. When he entered the stadium he brought with him this amazing energy and magic. The stadium started shouting “Madiba, Madiba, Madiba”. – In South Africa Mandela is know as Madiba, which is his Xhosa clan name. Xhosa is one of the 11 languages in South Africa.-

Mandela ended up sitting right next me as i was sitting in the front row at the concert. What an experience.

One of my favorite quotes from Mandela is “It always seems impossible, until it’s done”.

Read the quote over a few more times and you will soon realize that nothing is impossible. All you need to do is try and give it your best shot.

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Fitness motivation It always seems impossible

Make it Happen

In order to achieve big things in your life, you must be willing to think big. You should dream big and envision your goals to make them happen. Achieving your targets and goals is best achieved when you can imagine every detail of what it is you want to achieve.

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Fitness Motivation - Make it happen now. Lose weight and get fit now.

Make it Happen