Top 50 Excuses People Make To Avoid Exercising

Excuses excuses!!.. If making excuses was an Olympic event, then we would all be gold medalists.

Let’s be honest, most of us have made excuses; the dog ate my homework, i am too sick to go to school, i hate my teacher, etc etc etc. But, for many people trying to lose weight, making excuses not to exercise is often their greatest barrier to weight loss success. Over the years, I’ve heard hundreds of excuses why people don’t exercise, or why they skip a workout. At the end of the day, it’s very easy to make excuses and skip a workout, even though exercising is so important to helping improve the quality of our lives and how we look and feel.

Here are some of the Top 50 excuses i have heard. They are not in any particular order, as an excuse is an EXCUSE.

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Happy Valentines GYM


Happy Valentines

What Would Happen If Stress Burned Calories – Funny

If this would be true then i would have been a supermodel over and over…..:);)

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If Only Burning Calories Was This Easy

Don’t you wish it was this easy?

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Protein Shakes and Rent Money

I found this today and had a good laugh and want to share it with you. I know of a guy who did this exact thing. LOL!!

How many of you know of someone who did this?

Protein Shakes

Do You Experience This?

How many of you experience this due to your healthy lifestyle?

I do:)….


Fitness Motivation Tip – Never Give Up

We all have dreams right?…I know i do.

How many of you tried to fulfill a dream but gave up too soon? Maybe you gave up because it was too hard. Maybe you gave up because you did not have the time, or maybe you gave up because you didn’t see any results.

The bottom line is, you gave up because you didn’t get what you wanted right away.

To succeed in anything in life you need to give it time and give it your best shot. A lot of people will try living a healthy lifestyle but give up after a few days as they did not see any immediate results.

Perseverance is the key here. If you really want to fulfill that dream then go for it. Keep going and don’t give up.

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Fitness Motivation, Never give up on dream

Fitness Motivation – Make A Change To See A Change

Everyday people are procrastinating about when is the best time to start a healthy eating and fitness plan. Now that December has arrived, with Xmas and new years around the corner, a healthy eating and fitness plan takes a back seat. We all know that this time of year can be very challenging in many aspects, not just fitness.

Remember…. You have the greatest power of any living thing on this planet, the power of choice, the power to choose how to behave, what to say and when to say it, the power to control your attitude and the power to make a difference within yourself and surroundings.

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Fitness motivation Dont expect to see a change

Fitness Motivation Tip – Be Realistic

I am sure at some stage you have looked at an ad featuring a young, hard-bodied fitness model smiling and enjoying his/her workout and you’ve probably thought to yourself  “I’m going to do that and then i will quickly look like that”. Well banish that notion.

You have to be realistic about what it takes to get in shape. Working out is work and lots of it, and…… you have to do it over many months, not weeks.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Remember success comes with time and patients. YOU CAN DO IT!  “Rome was not built in a day”.

Have a great Wednesday, i am off for a long weekend away 🙂

Be positive and be realistic.

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